Banking Kiosk

Touch-point for basic banking services such as cash deposits, withdrawals and remittances apart from micro-credit, insurance and more.Our Cutting-edge Banking Kiosk offers fast, secure, and convenient services.

Non-Banking Kiosk

We provide Non-Banking Financial services like Recharge, Bill Payments, and Insurance etc.Our Non-Banking Kiosk brings efficiency to your fingertips. From ticketing and bill payments to information access.


Partners program is a platform that working to reach the last mile of Rural India for financial inclusion. Reijiro a fintech company Creating platform with Banking and Non- Banking financial services.

Cash Deposit & Withdrawal

DMT platform by Reijiro enables users to deposit cash, do money transfers and deposit money in bank accounts.
Withdraw cash anywhere with their Aadhaar number, also check available balance at any time with Reijiro DMT service.

Lending Money

Deposit money with Reijiro DMT service money can be transferred immediately and the services are available 24×7.

Transfer money with ease: IMPS

Transfer money to a beneficiary’s bank account through IMPS or NEFT using our DMT portal.

Payment system with Aadhar

AEPS provides you with a complimentary biometric validated cash withdrawal, balance inquiry and mini statement from your Aadhar-linked bank accounts.

Micro ATMs

Reijiro Micro ATM is a device in which all banks are connected to their co-banking system. This mini ATM device can accept swipe debit cards or insert chip-enabled debit cards.


Reijiro offers:
-1 lakh term Life Insurance
-2 lakh term life insurance and

E-Toll collection

Pay highway tolls digitally using radio frequency identification technology. Your vehicle can be recognised by RFID and you can scan this sticker that is permanently attached to your vehicle.

Domestic money transfer (DMT)

The most effective and easy way to deposit cash within 15 seconds in any bank account across India through sending money using only a mobile number.

Recharge & Bill Payment

Pay Electricity bills, Water & Gas bills, DTH, Telecom bills (Mobile/Landline/Data Card) at your retail shop.

PAN Card

Provide PAN application and correction services

What we aim at

Our Mission

RJ Neo Bank aims to bank all the unbanked, irrespective of what might be the possible reason of citizens being unbanked, we look to connect every village to the Reijiro network and include them in the Financial System.

What we are looking in near future

Our Vission

With a target of reaching 898 Million rural population, RJ Neo Banks looks forward to making financial services available to everyone. Overcome the challenges and work for Financial Inclusion of the unbanked population of India.


SBI Kiosk


Non-Banking Reijiro Kiosk

Rs. 296 Cr

Transactions done

13 Lac

Account opened

About Reijiro

Banking The Unbanked

Reijiro Networks is a aiming towards financial inclusion ,working to reach the last mile of Rural India for . It is creating a Neo Bank Platform with Banking and Non- Banking financial services Kiosk network in rural Bharat. It aims to provide all banking services through the RJ Neo Banking platform and Reijiro Reseller Network. It enhances the corporate banking experience by improving the efficacy, efficiency, and quality of all financial procedures.

Existing Kiosk Network

Reijiro Networks already has 450 SBI kiosks, 1200 Non- Banking Reijiro Kiosks,Rs. 296 Crores transactions done through the network, Rs. 23 Crores of Non Banking transactions done through the network, and 13 Lakhs registered accounts.

Branding & Local Trust

Reijiro Networks is already working with 1000+ resellers and aims to educate them and create awareness about RJ Neo Bank, leading to onboarding and expansion in reach.We empower businesses with effective Branding & Local Trust.

Multichannel and Service support

 Reijiro a fintech company, provides support not only in the banking sector but also from its reseller network. From phone to chat and beyond, we’re here for you. Get personalized assistance anytime, anywhere.

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