What Are the Different Types of AU Bank Credit Cards Available

Exploring the Variety of AU Bank Credit Cards

Credit cards have become an indispensable financial tool for most individuals in today’s fast-paced world. They provide a convenient way to make purchases, manage expenses, and build credit history. AU Bank, one of the leading financial institutions, offers a range of credit cards designed to cater to diverse financial needs. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the different types of AU Bank credit cards available, highlighting their features, benefits, and suitability for various spending behaviors.

Understanding AU Bank Credit Cards

AU Bank credit cards are designed to offer a mix of benefits such as reward points, cashback, travel privileges, and exclusive discounts on a wide range of categories like dining, shopping, and fuel purchases. These cards are embedded with advanced security features to ensure a safe and secure transaction experience for cardholders.

Types of AU Bank Credit Cards

1. AU Bank Rewards Credit Card: Ideal for users who prefer to earn reward points on every purchase and redeem them for exciting offers like vouchers, gifts, and discounts on partner brands. This card is perfect for those who seek value-added benefits while using their credit card for everyday expenses.

2. AU Bank Cashback Credit Card: Suited for individuals who wish to earn cashback on specific categories such as groceries, fuel, or utility bill payments. The cashback earned can either be credited to the cardholder’s account or redeemed for gift vouchers and discounts on partner merchants.

3. AU Bank Travel Credit Card: Tailored for frequent travelers, this card offers benefits like complimentary airport lounge access, travel insurance coverage, and rewards on travel-related expenses such as airline ticket bookings and hotel reservations. It also comes with features like emergency assistance and concierge services.

4. AU Bank Premium Credit Card: Designed for high-net-worth individuals, this card offers exclusive privileges such as premium concierge services, access to luxury events, and personalized travel experiences. It also provides enhanced security features and higher credit limits.

5. AU Bank Student Credit Card: Geared towards students and young adults, this card helps build credit history and financial discipline at an early age. It offers low credit limits, special discounts on educational expenses, and rewards tailored to student needs.

Features of AU Bank Credit Cards

– Competitive interest rates
– Zero lost card liability
– Contactless payment options
– Online account management
– EMV chip technology for enhanced security
– Global acceptance
– Flexible repayment options
– Balance transfer facility

Choosing the Right AU Bank Credit Card

Selecting the most suitable AU Bank credit card depends on factors such as your spending habits, lifestyle preferences, and financial goals. Analyzing your needs and comparing the features of different cards can help you make an informed decision. Consider the rewards, cashback benefits, annual fees, interest rates, and additional perks offered by each card before making a choice.

Actionable Insights

1. Maximize Rewards: Take advantage of reward programs by understanding the earning mechanism and redeeming options available on your AU Bank credit card. Strategize your spending to maximize rewards on categories that align with your preferences.

2. Monitor Spending: Keep track of your expenses to avoid overspending and stay within your credit limit. Set up alerts for transactions, payment due dates, and account updates to manage your finances efficiently.

3. Utilize Balance Transfer: If you have outstanding balances on other credit cards, consider utilizing AU Bank’s balance transfer facility to consolidate your debts and benefit from lower interest rates or promotional offers.

4. Review Statements Regularly: Regularly reviewing your credit card statements can help detect any unauthorized transactions, errors, or fraudulent activities. It also allows you to track your spending patterns and budget effectively.


AU Bank offers a diverse range of credit cards tailored to meet the varying needs of consumers across different segments. Whether you are looking for rewards, cashback, travel perks, or specific lifestyle benefits, there is an AU Bank credit card to suit your requirements. By understanding the features and benefits of each card type, you can choose the one that aligns with your financial objectives and spending behavior.


Ready to experience the convenience and benefits of AU Bank credit cards? Explore the range of options available and apply for the card that best fits your lifestyle and financial goals. Start enjoying exclusive rewards, discounts, and privileges with AU Bank credit cards today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I apply for an AU Bank credit card?
A: You can apply for an AU Bank credit card online through the official website or by visiting a branch location near you. Check the eligibility criteria, required documents, and fill out the application form to initiate the process.

Q: What is the annual fee for AU Bank credit cards?
A: The annual fee for AU Bank credit cards varies depending on the card type and the benefits offered. Some cards may have a waived annual fee for the first year or promotional offers that reduce or eliminate the fee.

Q: Can I upgrade or downgrade my AU Bank credit card?
A: AU Bank may offer the option to upgrade or downgrade your credit card based on your spending behavior, credit history, and financial requirements. Contact customer service or visit a branch to inquire about the possibility of card upgrades or downgrades.

Q: Are there any hidden charges associated with AU Bank credit cards?
A: AU Bank is transparent about the charges and fees associated with their credit cards. Review the terms and conditions provided with the card agreement to understand any applicable charges such as late payment fees, over-limit fees, or foreign transaction fees.

By following the tips and recommendations outlined in this guide, you can make informed decisions when selecting and managing your AU Bank credit card. Feel free to reach out to AU Bank customer service for any further assistance or clarification regarding their credit card offerings.