Reijiro Networks Pvt. Ltd.

Reijiro Networks are the best financial service provider  working to reach the last mile of Rural India for financial inclusion. It is creating a Neo Bank Platform with Banking and Non- Banking financial services Kiosk network in rural Bharat. It aims to provide all banking services through the RJ Neo Banking platform and Reijiro Reseller Network. It enhances the corporate banking experience by improving the efficacy, efficiency, and quality of all financial procedures. Reijiro offer variety of services like loan, CSP, DMT Investment & more. We have a wide network of retailers &  many more to go ,Join us and  start your own kiosk.


aims to  become best financial service provider Leveraging the power of technology and empowering the unbanked population through Financial Inclusion.⁣


We are a team of experts at our fields. Our team is your team, a group of talented individuals with a common goal, works together to achieve success.


Opening up multiple employment opportunities for rural and urban India.Discover endless possibilities, develop your skills, and embrace new opportunities.

Simple and Seamless

Being with Reijiro a financial service provider and setting up an account or doing a transaction both are simple and seamless on Reijiro as it facilitates both with less paperwork, documentation and in a short period of time. Making it easy to understand, even by citizens who lack knowledge and education.

User- friendly Interface

Cleaner user interfaces and intuitive user experiences, such as regional language support and linkages with accounting and expenditure systems, are being offered by Reijiro, which makes it easy and attractive to use even for citizens with low knowledge and education ,user can operate services like loan,CSP DMT with ease.

Combining Financial and Non- Financial services

Financial and non-financial services, such as Bank account opening, recharge and bill, money transfer, payments purchase loans, pre-shipment loans, payment gateway services, and more. Get all this service with ease by the best financial service provider Reijiro.