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Reijiro a fintech company Despite the fact that low-income economies’ GDP per capita is less than 2% of high-income economies’, the World Bank estimates that 32.6 percent of the population in low-income countries is banked, compared to 90.5 percent in high-income economies. Even a small increase in financial inclusion can lead to a significant boost in economic development.

In India, the majority of the population lives in rural areas, accounting for about 65 percent of the overall population. Many people still lack bank accounts or simple access to financial services among them. Because financial inclusion and economic growth are inextricably linked, India’s large unbanked population is cause for concern.
And to solve this concern, Reijiro  Networks which aims to provide banking solutions and financial inclusion to all the villages and make these services available to everyone.
Founded by Mr Kedar Pathak, on 10th August 2017, by 2022 Reijiro Networks already has 450 SBI kiosks, 1200 non-banking Reijiro kiosks, a transaction volume of Rs. 296 crores, a non-banking transaction volume of Rs. 23 crores, and 13 lakhs registered accounts. Over 1000 resellers are already working with Reijiro Networks. Reijiro a fintech company is also working to educate and raise knowledge about Reijiro in order to facilitate onboarding and expansion.

Reijiro core team consists of Mr. Kedar Pathak, Founder & CEO, Mr. Sagar Patil, COO, Mr. Rahul Jadhav, COB, Mr. Piyush Nagar, CTO – having 13+ years of experience in technology. And all the founders have 10+ years of experience in Financial Inclusion.


SBI Kiosk


Non-Banking Reijiro Kiosk

Rs. 296 Cr

Transactions done

13 Lac

Account opened


Reijiro a fintech company aims to bank all the unbanked, irrespective of what might be the possible reason of citizens being unbanked .For financial inclusion we look to connect every village to the Reijiro network and include them in the Financial System.


With a target of reaching 898 Million rural population, Reijiro looks forward to making financial services available to everyone. Overcome the challenges and work for Financial Inclusion of the unbanked population of India

Financial Inclusion

Providing access to useful and affordable financial products and services at rural India.

Banking The Unbanked

Providing Banking facilities and services to the unbanked region of India.

Rural Empowerment

Providing rural region with financial services, facilities. Empowering them with banking services and generating employment.