Achalpur, previously known as Ellichpur and Illychpur, is a city and municipal council located in Amravati District, Maharashtra, India. It holds the distinction of being the second most populous city in Amravati District and the seventh in Vidarbha region. The town Achalpur Camp is also referred to as Paratwada.

In the 8th century, Achalpur served as the initial capital for a branch of the Rashtrakuta dynasty. Notably, a significant battle unfolded between the Rashtrakutas and the Kalachuris during the 9th century.

Similarly, Paratwada, previously named Paltanwada, and recognized as “Achalpur Camp,” is another city and municipal council within Amravati District, Maharashtra. It claims the position of the second most populous city in the district, following Amravati, and the seventh in Vidarbha. Paratwada shares a close association with Achalpur, existing as a twin city. It also serves as the gateway to the Melghat region, which houses a significant Tiger conservation project.

The Achalpur tehsil encompasses approximately 167 villages, which are detailed in the Achalpur tehsil villages list, including information about gram panchayats and nearest towns.

A historical fort stands in the area, attributed to Sultan Khan, the dynasty’s founder. Constructed around 1754, the fort is a formidable structure made of sandstone, situated on the south bank of the Sarpan River.