LXME Demat Account

LXME – India’s 1st financial platform for women! At LXME, we strongly believe that every woman should strive for financial freedom and empowerment. That’s why we have created a unique ecosystem dedicated to helping women become financially fearless and take charge of their money!

With LXME, you can access a range of financial services, including Demat Account services, to invest and grow your wealth with confidence. Our platform is designed to cater to the specific needs and aspirations of women, providing them with the tools and knowledge they need to achieve their financial goals.


  1. Financial Empowerment:

    LXME Demat Account is specifically designed for women, enabling them to take charge of their finances and work towards achieving financial independence and empowerment.

  2. Seamless Investment:

    Women can seamlessly invest in various financial instruments, including stocks, mutual funds, bonds, and more, diversifying their investment portfolio.

  3. Secure and Efficient:

    It provides a secure and efficient way to hold and manage financial securities in electronic form, reducing the risks associated with physical certificates.

  4. Financial Education and Resources:

    Offers valuable financial education and resources to equip women with the knowledge and skills needed to make informed investment decisions.

  5. Expert Guidance:

    Women  have access to expert guidance and personalized assistance, ensuring they receive the support they need to navigate the financial markets.

  6. Convenience and Accessibility:

    Accessed and managed through user-friendly platforms, making it convenient and accessible for women to track and manage their investments.

  7. Financial Freedom:

    Women gain the freedom to invest and grow their wealth, aligning with their financial aspirations and life goals.


To open an LXME Demat Account, you will typically need the following documents:

Identity Proof: A valid government-issued photo ID, such as Aadhaar card, Passport, Voter ID, or Driver’s License.

Address Proof: A document to verify your residential address, which can be your Aadhaar card, Passport, Voter ID, Driver’s License, or utility bills (electricity, water, gas, etc.) in your name.

PAN Card: Your Permanent Account Number (PAN) card is mandatory for opening a Demat Account.

Passport-sized Photographs: Recent passport-sized photographs of yourself.

Bank Account Proof: A canceled cheque or bank statement of your savings or current account showing your name, account number, and IFSC code.

KYC (Know Your Customer) Form: A duly filled KYC form, which is provided by the LXME platform during the account opening process.


  1. Financial Inclusion in Rural Areas:

    Fayda Pay is committed to promoting financial inclusion in rural areas by providing  Demat Account services to local shop retailers and individuals. We aim to empower every individual with access to modern financial solutions.

  2. Tailored for Rural Customers:

    Understanding the unique needs of rural customers, Fayda Pay offers services that are user-friendly and easily accessible, making it the ideal choice for those seeking convenience and simplicity.

  3. Exclusive Women-Centric Platform:

    With LXME being India’s 1st financial platform for women, Fayda Pay allows women in rural areas to benefit from specialized financial services designed to empower them in their investment journey.

  4. Secure and Reliable:

    Fayda Pay ensures the safety and security of investments and personal information while opening an Demat Account, building trust and confidence among rural customers.

  5. Expert Support and Guidance:

    Fayda Pay provides dedicated customer support and expert guidance to assist clients throughout the Demat Account journey, helping them make informed investment decisions.

  6. Additional Earning Opportunities:

    Local shop retailers can leverage the LXME Demat Account services to become financial service providers, expanding their business prospects and increasing their income.

  7. Digital Financial Literacy:

    As part of our commitment to financial inclusion, Fayda Pay actively promotes digital financial literacy among rural customers, helping them understand the benefits and usage of  Demat Accounts effectively.

  8. Positive Social Impact :

    By choosing Fayda Pay for Demat Account services, clients contribute to the economic development of rural communities, as we provide opportunities for financial growth and prosperity.


Any woman who is a resident of India can open an LXME Demat Account. It is exclusively tailored for women investors.

Yes, the LXME Demat Account allows you to invest in mutual funds managed by renowned fund managers, providing you with investment diversification.

Yes, opening an LXME Demat Account through Fayda Pay is a hassle-free and paperless process, making it convenient for women investors.

LXME ensures the utmost security of your personal and financial information, adopting robust security measures to protect your data.

Yes, local shop retailers can leverage the LXME Demat Account services through Fayda Pay, enabling them to become financial service providers and explore additional earning opportunities.

Absolutely! The LXME Demat Account offers user-friendly online platforms, allowing you to track and manage your investments with ease.