AU SwipeUp Credit Card

AU SwipeUp credit card is an innovative platform that facilitates a seamless online C2C process. With this platform, you can easily “upgrade” to a new range of LTF Xcite credit cards from AU Bank. We offer three Xcite credit card variants, and all you need to do is log in and provide the existing credit card bin number. The platform will then display which new AU credit card you are eligible to get. It’s a simple and hassle-free process to enhance your credit card experience.


  1. Seamless Online C2C Process:

    The platform provides a smooth and hassle-free online C2C (card-to-card) process, making it easy to upgrade to a new range of LTF Xcite credit cards.

  2. LTF Xcite Credit Card Variants:

    Cardholders have access to three Xcite credit card variants with various features and benefits, allowing them to choose the one that best suits their needs and lifestyle.

  3. Simple Eligibility Check:

    By providing the existing credit card bin number, the platform quickly determines the new AU credit card for which the cardholder is eligible, streamlining the selection process.

  4. Enhanced Credit Card Experience:

    The AU Bank SwipeUp Credit Card offers enhanced features and benefits, providing cardholders with a better credit card experience.

  5. Attractive Rewards and Offers:

    Cardholders can enjoy attractive rewards, cashback offers, and discounts on various transactions, making their spending more rewarding.

  6. Contactless Payments:

    The credit card is equipped with contactless payment technology, enabling quick and secure transactions at eligible merchants.

  7. Global Acceptance:

    The AU Bank SwipeUp Credit Card is widely accepted both in India and internationally, making it convenient for travel and online transactions.

  8. Zero Lost Card Liability:

    In case of any unauthorized transactions on a lost or stolen card, AU Bank provides zero liability to the cardholder, ensuring their protection.


  1. Empowering Local Shop Retailers:

    Fayda Pay empowers local shop retailers by offering them the opportunity to become our partners and provide AU Bank SwipeUp Credit Cards to their customers. This not only enhances their business prospects but also allows them to earn additional income.

  2. Financial Inclusion:

    We believe in bridging the gap between urban and rural areas. Our AU Bank SwipeUp Credit Card services provide access to modern financial solutions, enabling individuals in rural regions to enjoy cashless transactions and avail exclusive rewards.

  3. Trusted Partnership:

    As the owner and marketing head of Fayda Pay, I assure you of a trusted and reliable partnership. We have collaborated with AU Bank, a leading financial institution, to provide top-notch credit card services.

  4. Easy Application Process:

    Our credit card services can easily be availed through a user-friendly digital application process. We understand the unique needs of our rural customers and have simplified the process for their convenience.

  5. Opportunity for Earning :

    Whether you are a local shop retailer or an individual seeking an earning opportunity, Fayda Pay opens doors for both. Our AU Bank SwipeUp Credit Cards allow retailers to earn commissions on each card sold, while individuals can earn rewards through credit card transactions.


AU Bank SwipeUp Credit Card is a credit card service offered by Fayda Pay in partnership with AU Bank, aiming to promote financial inclusion in rural areas.

Our services are available to both local shop retailers and individuals seeking a credit card for their financial needs.

Local shop retailers can become our partners and offer AU Bank SwipeUp Credit Cards to their customers, enhancing their business prospects and earning additional income through commissions.

AU Bank SwipeUp Credit Card services are designed to cater to the unique needs of rural customers, providing access to modern financial solutions and rewarding benefits.

Yes, AU Bank SwipeUp Credit Card is widely accepted both in India and internationally, ensuring a convenient and secure payment experience.