Paytm Money Demat Account

Paytm Money Demat Account Services – Your Path to Diversified Investments! Paytm Money Limited, known as Paytm Money, is a Bengaluru-based discount brokering firm and a proud subsidiary of One97 Communications Ltd, India’s largest and leading digital goods and mobile platform, renowned for its Paytm brand. With a solid foundation as an RBI-approved Indian e-commerce payment system, Paytm Money is committed to providing seamless and secure financial solutions.
Now, as a prominent player in the financial market, Paytm Money proudly provides services such as pension schemes, equity trading, IPO investments, ETFs, and digital gold, opening up diverse investment opportunities for our valued customers.

The recent addition of Futures and Options (F&O) trading services on our platform further amplifies our commitment to empowering our clients with a comprehensive and robust trading experience.


  • Free Equity Delivery trading.
  • Zero commission direct mutual funds.
  • Maximum brokerage charged per trade is Rs 15.
  • Zero maintenance charges.
  • Fully digital account opening.
  • Feature to switch external regular mutual fund to direct mutual fund.


  • Simple and robust trading platforms.
  • Simple pricing model with low trading charges. Flat Rs 15 per
  • trade max brokerage across all segments.
  • Instant digital account opening.
  • Direct MF platform that helps you earn an extra 1% returns.
  • Option to invest online in digital gold and NPS along with stocks, derivatives, and MFs.
  • Online IPO application.
  • Mutual Fund Investment Advisory Services.
  • Bracket Order and Cover Order types available.


  1. Focused on Rural Financial Inclusion:

    Fayda Pay is dedicated to promoting financial inclusion in rural areas, specifically catering to local shop retailers and individuals. Our services are designed to empower these communities with access to modern financial solutions.

  2. Tailored for Rural Customers:

    Understanding the unique needs of rural customers, Fayda Pay provides mStock Demat Account services that are user-friendly and easily accessible, making it the ideal choice for those seeking convenience and simplicity.

  3. Expert Support and Guidance:

    We prioritize customer support, offering expert guidance throughout the mStock Demat Account journey. Our team is here to assist clients, addressing their queries and concerns promptly.

  4. Wide Range of Services:

    Fayda Pay’s mStock Demat Account services cover various investment options, including pension schemes, equity trading, IPO investments, ETFs, digital gold, and more, providing clients with a comprehensive investment platform

  5. Digital Financial Literacy:

    As part of our commitment to financial inclusion, we actively promote digital financial literacy among rural customers, helping them understand the benefits and usage of mStock Demat Accounts effectively.

  6. Additional Earning Opportunities:

    Local shop retailers can capitalize on the earning opportunities provided by Fayda Pay. By becoming financial service providers, they can expand their business prospects and increase their income.

  7. Secure and Transparent:

    Depending on the bank’s requirements, you may need to deposit an initial amount of money into your new account. The bank representative will provide guidance on the minimum deposit amount and acceptable forms of payment.


A Paytm Money Demat Account is an electronic account that allows you to hold and manage various financial securities, such as stocks, bonds, mutual funds, ETFs, and more, in electronic form.

Yes, Paytm Money is a SEBI registered stockbroker and an Investment Advisor, ensuring compliance with regulatory guidelines.

With the Paytm Money Demat Account, you can invest in a wide range of financial products, including direct mutual funds, stocks, IPOs, ETFs, digital gold, bonds, and more.

Paytm Money employs robust security measures to ensure the safety of your investments and personal information, providing a secure trading experience.

Yes, the Paytm Money Demat Account offers the option to trade in stocks and derivatives, including Futures and Options (F&O), providing a comprehensive trading platform.

Paytm Money provides customer support through various channels, including the website, mobile application, and dedicated helpline, assisting you with any queries or concerns.