Gild FD Card

SBM Bank, a subsidiary of the State Bank of Mauritius, offers the Gild FD Card, which comes with a fixed deposit (FD) account and a range of features. This card ensures high returns from FDs and provides digital gold rewards, making it an excellent alternative to debit cards linked to low-interest savings accounts. Gild accounts can be opened instantly, granting access to various services.


  1. Fixed Deposit (FD) Account:

    The Gild Card is linked to a fixed deposit account, allowing cardholders to earn high returns on their deposits.

  2. Digital Gold Rewards:

    Cardholders receive digital gold rewards, providing an opportunity to accumulate gold as they make transactions using the card.

  3. Alternative to Debit Cards:

    The Gild Card offers a better alternative to debit cards, as it is linked to an FD account, which typically offers higher interest rates compared to regular savings accounts.

  4. Instant Account Opening:

    Gild accounts can be opened instantly, ensuring quick access to the card and its benefits.

  5. Access to Services:

    Gild account holders gain access to a variety of services, enhancing their overall banking experience.

What Makes Gild Cards Different from Other Cards? :

The following are the factors that makes Gild cards different from other cards:

  • Customers can set their credit limit without any interference of the bank
  • Charges lowest markup fess for Forex
  • Helps building credit score
  • The Annual Percentage Rate is lower than other cards
  • Allows cash withdrawal without charging any interest
  • Secures your money as the fund is insured by DICGC.


The applicant must pass the following eligibility requirements to be eligible for the Gild card –

  • The applicant must be 18 to 60 years of age
  • The applicant must be a citizen of India
  • The card is available in all Indian pin codes except North-East states and Jammu & Kashmir
  • There are no credit checks required for the card, and applicants are assured to get it when they make a fixed deposit.
  • The card even helps in building a decent credit profile and credit score.


  1. Tailored for Rural Areas:

    Fayda Pay is committed to serving rural communities, ensuring that financial services reach every corner of the country.

  2. High Returns on Fixed Deposits:

    you can enjoy high returns on your fixed deposits, making it a smart and rewarding financial choice.

  3. Digital Gold Rewards:

    Our card offers digital gold rewards, giving you the chance to accumulate gold as you use the card for transactions.

  4. Better than Debit Cards:

    The GILD FD CARD is an excellent alternative to debit cards, as it offers the advantage of an FD account with higher interest rates.

  5. Instant Account Opening:

    Open your  account instantly and gain access to its benefits without delay.

  6. Financial Inclusion:

    At Fayda Pay, we focus on financial inclusion, ensuring that even in rural areas, individuals and local shop retailers can benefit from our services.

  7. Empowering Earning Opportunities:

    We believe in empowering individuals with earning opportunities, enabling them to create a better financial future.


The GILD FD CARD is a financial product offered by Fayda Pay, which combines the benefits of a fixed deposit (FD) account with a credit card.

The GILD FD CARD is linked to a fixed deposit account, and as you use the card for transactions, you earn digital gold rewards and enjoy high returns on your fixed deposits.

The eligibility criteria may vary, but generally, individuals and local shop retailers can apply for the GILD FD CARD.

The GILD FD CARD offers high returns on fixed deposits, digital gold rewards, and serves as an alternative to debit cards with low-interest savings accounts.

The fee structure may vary, so it’s best to check with Fayda Pay for any applicable charges.

Yes, you can access and manage your GILD FD CARD account online through Fayda Pay’s user-friendly platform.