Kinwat is a city situated within the municipal council of Nanded District in the Indian state of Maharashtra. The origin of Kinwat Taluka dates back to 1905 when several villages from Narsapur, Tamsi, and Nirmal Talukas of Adilabad District were merged. Previously, these villages were under the jurisdiction of the Hyderabad Division. As of 2011, Kinwat had a population of 28,454, with a literacy rate of 82% and a female sex ratio of 929. The city is located 125 km away from Nanded and houses a Rural Hospital.

The town features a railway station on the Mudkhed-Adilabad Meter Gauge (now Broad Gauge) Section. Previously under the Hyderabad Division of the South Central Railway (SCR), Kinwat was placed under the Nanded (NED) Division of the SCR after Divisional adjustments in 2003. Kinwat boasts several notable attractions, including the famous Sahastrakund Waterfall, Pochera Waterfalls, and Sathnala Dam. These natural wonders contribute to the town’s appeal as a destination for visitors seeking picturesque landscapes and serene settings.