Ambajogai is a municipal council, tehsil, and subdivision located in the Beed district of Maharashtra, India. This town holds the title of being the cultural capital of Marathwada. It was renamed Ambajogai in 1962, derived from the goddess Ambabai – Yogeshwari, whose revered temple is situated here. People from all over Maharashtra, especially from the Konkan region, visit this temple. Ambajogai boasts numerous heritage sites, and it is known for its cultural significance in the Marathwada region.

Apart from the prominent Ambabai temple, the town hosts several other heritage temples like Sakleshwar and 12 Khambhi temple, Kholeshwar mandir, Mukundraj cave, Dasopant Swami Samadhi, Mukundraj samadhi, Kashivishwanath, and Amruteshwar. A notable attraction is the ancient Shivleni Caves (Hattikhana) or Jogai Mandap, which has been recognized as a heritage site. This cave features intricately carved stone depictions of Lord Shankar, Nandi, Elephants, Shiva, Brahma, and Vishnu.

Ambajogai’s rich cultural heritage and array of heritage temples contribute to its reputation as the cultural capital of the Marathwada region. The town stands as a testament to Maharashtra’s historical and religious significance, drawing visitors to its sacred sites and historical marvels.