Latur is a district in Maharashtra, India. It’s the 16th largest city in the state and serves as the district headquarters. Positioned in the Marathwada region, it’s situated between 17°52′ to 18°50′ North latitude and 76°18′ to 79°12′ East longitude on the Deccan plateau. The average elevation is 631 meters (2,070 feet) above sea level, on the Balaghat plateau ranging from 540 to 638 meters.

The district’s population is mainly focused on agriculture, with around 25.47% living in urban areas. Latur is bordered by Nanded District to the northeast, Karnataka’s state border to the east and southeast, Osmanabad District to the southwest, Beed District to the west, and Parbhani District to the northwest.

The district is within the Godavari river basin, relying heavily on the Manjara River for water. Latur hosts the Shri Siddeshwar fair annually and the Gangaram Maharaj Samadhi gathering every Ekadashi at Hattibet.

In recent years, Latur has become an educational hub for higher education, offering various bachelor’s and master’s degree programs. The city’s importance as a trading and industrial center has grown, and it’s emerging as a rising industrial hub in the Marathwada region.

Latur’s sports scene is also expanding, with plans for a home ground by the Maharashtra Cricket Association and a Divisional sports complex catering to the needs of players in the Latur, Osmanabad, and Nanded districts. The district has hosted national-level Kabaddi and Basketball events, and efforts are ongoing to establish a Krida Prabodhini, a sports training center.