Akola is a significant city in the Vidarbha Region of Maharashtra. Governed by a Municipal Corporation, it ranks as the third largest city in Vidarbha, following Nagpur and Amravati. Positioned approximately 580 kilometers (360 miles) to the east of the state capital, Mumbai, and 250 kilometers (160 miles) to the west of the second capital, Nagpur, Akola serves as the administrative headquarters of the Akola district within the Amravati division.

Situated in the north-central part of Maharashtra, western India, along the Morna River’s banks, Akola holds significance in history, culture, politics, and agriculture, even though it isn’t widely recognized as a tourist destination. Notably, Akola’s strategic location in the Tapti River valley has led to its role as a pivotal road and rail junction, contributing to its stature as a commercial trading hub.

Akola emerges as an educational hub with numerous colleges affiliated with the Sant Gadge Baba Amravati University. The city is also evolving as a thriving market center. Marathi is the primary language spoken by the local populace.

Famed as the ‘Cotton City of India,’ Akola boasts a strong cotton production industry. It is renowned for its sparkling rivers, pleasant winters, imposing forts, and finely crafted temples and mosques. Following Nagpur and Amravati, Akola secures the third largest city status in the eastern segment of Maharashtra.