Raigad district, previously known as Colaba district, is situated in the Konkan division of Maharashtra, India. It was named Raigad after the historic fort that was the initial capital of the former Maratha Empire. The fort, originally called Rairi, is nestled within the dense forests on a west-facing spur of the Sahyadri Range in the Western Ghats. As of 2011, the district had a population of 2,634,200, with a notable increase from 2,207,929 in 2001. The name change occurred under Chief Minister A. R. Antulay on 1 January 1981. The district headquarters is Alibag.

Raigad’s adjacent districts include Mumbai and Thane to the north, Pune to the east, Satara to the southeast, Ratnagiri to the south, and the Arabian Sea to the west. The district is part of the Konkan Division and features a stretch of the Arabian Sea coastline. The region’s hilly areas are primarily found within the Sahyadri mountain range. Once called Kolaba, the district was later renamed Raigad.

Raigad is renowned for its captivating historical sites, serene beaches, picturesque landscapes, and the diverse flora and fauna of the Western Ghats. The district houses significant religious sites such as Ashtavinayak Temples and Elephanta Caves, reflecting its rich cultural heritage. Raigad boasts a diverse community with various religions, dialects, and ethnicities. It is also historically connected to the Bene-Israeli Jewish community.

The district is home to impressive forts like Raigad Fort, Kolaba Fort, Murud-Janjira Fort, and Sudhagad Fort. The Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Technological University, located in Raigad’s Lonere, is the sole technological university in Maharashtra, established in 1989 under the Government of Maharashtra Act 1983.

In recent news, a tragic landslide occurred in Raigad on 20 July 2023 due to heavy rainfall. This catastrophe led to the loss of at least 22 lives and left more than 100 people feared trapped under debris. The landslide particularly affected a hillside village where 17 out of 48 houses were fully or partially buried by the landslide’s aftermath.