Kalwan is a tehsil located in the Kalwan subdivision of Nashik District, Maharashtra, India. Positioned 80 km away from Nashik and 251 km from the state capital Mumbai, Kalwan boasts several notable attractions. One of these is Saptashrungi Gad, a religious shrine dedicated to Goddess Saptashrungi, located 22 km from the city. Additionally, the Dhodap hill fort, renowned for mountain climbing and being the 3rd highest peak in Maharashtra, sits just 8 km from Kalwan city. Abhona, another town in the tehsil, follows Kalwan city in terms of size.

Kalwan enjoys a strategic location in the delta formed by the Behadi and Girana rivers. The area benefits from fertile black soil and ample water, which support the cultivation of cash crops. This agricultural prowess significantly contributes to the GDP of Kalwan tehsil. Marathi serves as the primary language spoken in the region.