Aheri is a town located in the Gadchiroli district of Maharashtra, India. Positioned alongside the Pranhita River, a tributary of the Godavari River, it straddles the border between Maharashtra and Telangana. Aheri is recognized for its strong community bonds and represents a blend of religious, cultural, and linguistic diversity. Designated as a Scheduled Area by the Government of India, Aheri shares its uniqueness with another locality in Gadchiroli district. One of the town’s prominent landmarks is the Viththal Rukhmai Mandir, a well-known temple situated in its heart.

Recently, Aheri’s status has been upgraded from a Gram Panchayat to a “Nagar Panchayat” due to its rapid growth and development. The ongoing Bridge Project on the Pranhita River will establish physical connections between Aheri in Maharashtra and Gudem in Telangana, enhancing historical and cultural ties between the two regions. This initiative is expected to drive economic growth in the town.

Aheri is located at an average elevation of 120 meters (396 feet) above sea level. One of the key issues faced here pertains to roads, but the community is known for its helpful nature. Raje Dharmarao Baba Atram is the current MLA, and efforts are being made towards development. The Nagar Panchayat of Aheri is situated near the police station in the Gadaheri area.

A significant milestone in the region’s development is the completion of the Maharashtra-Telangana bridge, which had been under construction. The town is also blessed with many waterfalls, adding to its natural beauty. Aheri boasts a rich cultural and historical heritage, including the Rajwada of Aheri. Notably, Dussehra is a major occasion in Aheri, attracting a significant influx of visitors—around 20,000 to 50,000 people come together to celebrate during this festive time.