Gadchiroli is a city in Maharashtra, central India. It’s the administrative center of Gadchiroli district and is known for its lush forests. It’s often called the “lung of Maharashtra” due to its extensive forest cover, about 35% of the district. The city is situated on the eastern side of the state and is bordered by the Wainganga River. The area becomes green and vibrant during the monsoon, though it’s prone to flooding. The district is famous for its teak wood and bamboo, which is used for crafts.

Gadchiroli sits at an average elevation of 217 meters (715 feet) and is one of Maharashtra’s largest districts in terms of land area. The monsoon season, from July to September, brings out the area’s beauty as it’s surrounded by teak forests.

Forests cover around 76% of the district’s geographical area, with bamboo and Tendu leaves being notable. Agriculture is a significant occupation, with paddy being the primary crop. Other crops include Jwar, Linseed, Tur, and Wheat.

Gadchiroli is connected by roads to Chandrapur, Nagpur, Bhandara, and Gondia. Unfortunately, there are no rail connections directly to Gadchiroli; the nearest railway station is in Wadsa (Desaiganj). The roads are being improved to enhance security against recent insurgent activities.