IDFC FIRST WOW Credit Card” is a premium credit card offered by IDFC FIRST Bank, a leading private sector bank in India. The WOW Credit Card is designed to provide an array of benefits and exclusive privileges to its cardholders.


  1. Welcome Benefits:

    Cardholders often receive attractive welcome benefits, such as bonus reward points, cashback, or vouchers upon card activation and first transactions.

  2. Exciting Rewards:

    Earn reward points on every eligible transaction and redeem them for a variety of options, including merchandise, vouchers, travel bookings, or statement credits.

  3. Cashback Offers:

    Enjoy cashback on specific categories of spending, such as dining, groceries, fuel, or online shopping, adding value to your purchases.

  4. No Foreign Transaction Fees:

    Some IDFC FIRST WOW Credit Cards offer no foreign transaction fees, making it convenient for international travelers to transact without additional charges.

  5. EMI Conversion:

    Convert high-value purchases into easy monthly installments (EMIs), providing greater financial flexibility and ease of repayment.

  6. Contactless Payments:

    Many IDFC FIRST WOW Credit Cards come with contactless payment technology, enabling faster and secure transactions with just a tap.

  7. Enhanced Security:

    Advanced security features, including one-time passwords (OTP) and zero-liability protection, safeguard cardholders against fraudulent transactions.

  8. Complimentary Membership:

    Some cards offer complimentary memberships to premium loyalty programs, enhancing the overall cardholder experience.


Age Policy:

· Applicant must be aged 18 yrs. or above in order to apply for an FIRST WOW! Credit Card

Indian Resident & Sourcing Locations:

· Applicant must qualify as an Indian resident and have a current and permanent residential address within India

· IDFC FIRST Banks maintains a set of cities which are allowed for sourcing


· In order to be eligible for availing the FIRST WOW! Credit Card, you shall be required to create and maintain a fixed deposit of minimum INR Two Thousand only (Rs.2,000/-) with the IDFC FIRST Bank.

Minimum Fixed Deposit Amount:

· Existing IDFC FIRST Bank customers: INR 2,000

· All other customers: INR 5,000


  1. Financial Inclusion in Rural Areas :

    Fayda Pay is dedicated to bringing financial inclusion to rural communities, providing access to premium IDFC FIRST WOW Credit Cards that were once limited to urban areas.

  2. Exclusive Privileges:

    With Fayda Pay, local shop retailers and individuals in rural regions can now enjoy the exclusive privileges offered by the IDFC FIRST WOW Credit Card, such as exciting rewards, cashback, and travel benefits.

  3. Simple Application Process:

    Fayda Pay ensures a seamless and straightforward application process for the IDFC FIRST WOW Credit Card, making it easy for our target audience to apply and avail the card.

  4. Expert Assistance:

    Our team of experts provides personalized assistance throughout the application process, guiding applicants to make informed decisions about their credit card choice.

  5. Quick Approvals:

    Fayda Pay prioritizes quick approvals, ensuring that applicants receive timely responses and can access the benefits of the IDFC FIRST WOW Credit Card without delay.


There is absolutely no Joining/ Membership/ Annual fee applicable on any of the FIRST WOW! Credit Cards. Your card is free for life.

ou can directly use your points to pay for your online purchases or when shopping at a store. Just choose the option to ‘pay with points’. You can also redeem your Reward Points against amazing offers at

Yes, you can! And what’s really great is that all ATM cash withdrawals are totally interest-free for up to 48 days – in India or even when you withdraw cash abroad. Do keep in mind, however, that a Cash Advance Fee of only INR 199 + applicable taxes is applicable per transaction, irrespective of where you are or the amount you withdraw.

· Improved credit score: Your credit score is calculated based on several factors including your credit utilization ratio. By increasing your credit limit, you can increase your available credit and improve your credit score.
· Increased purchasing power: More Credit Card limit results in increasing your purchasing power. This can be especially beneficial in emergencies or for large purchases that may be difficult to pay for all at once.
· Enhanced rewards: More spends on your card results in more rewards points.

IDFC FIRST Bank Credit Cards are loaded with a host of benefits, offers and features. Depending on the card variant, IDFC FIRST Bank credit cards offer Lifestyle benefits like discounts on shopping, dining or movies and complimentary rounds of golf every month; travel benefits like complimentary airport lounge access; and other benefits like in-app online discounts, and discounts at health and wellness outlets.