Understanding the Time Frame for FIBE Money Transfers

Understanding the time frame for FIBE money transfers is crucial for efficient financial transactions. IMPS (Immediate Payment Service) offers a convenient way to transfer money quickly and securely, even outside of banking hours. This article explores the availability, transaction limits, fast payment options, and security measures associated with IMPS transactions.

Key Takeaways

  • IMPS allows 24/7 transfers outside of banking hours and on bank holidays
  • Transaction limit of up to ₹5 lacs daily with fast payment options
  • Security measures include encryption and authentication protocols for secure transactions
  • IMPS can be used for various purposes like online shopping, bill payments, and sending money to family and friends
  • Minimal charges of up to ₹5 per transaction make IMPS an economical option

Understanding the Time Frame for FIBE Money Transfers

Availability of IMPS for 24/7 Transfers

When you’re looking to transfer funds swiftly and at any hour, the Immediate Payment Service (IMPS) offered by Reijiro is your go-to solution. Available 24/7, IMPS allows you to make transactions outside of traditional banking hours, including bank holidays, ensuring that your financial needs are met without delay.

Transaction limits are generous with IMPS, permitting inter-bank transactions of up to ₹5 lacs daily. This makes it not only a convenient but also a powerful tool for managing larger transfers efficiently.

Security is paramount with IMPS. Encryption and authentication protocols are in place to keep your details secure, giving you peace of mind with every transaction. Whether it’s online shopping, bill payments, or sending money to family and friends, IMPS caters to a wide range of financial activities.

With Reijiro’s focus on rural financial inclusion, IMPS extends beyond convenience, offering a streamlined solution for banking and non-banking services alike.

Here’s a quick glance at the key features of IMPS:

  • 24/7 availability for transfers
  • Daily transaction limit of up to ₹5 lacs
  • Real-time fund transfers for fast payment
  • Secure transactions with robust security measures
  • Nominal charges for transactions
  • Simple execution with just the beneficiary’s mobile number and MMID

Transaction Limit and Fast Payment Options

When you’re using IMPS for your transactions through Reijiro, you’ll appreciate the flexibility it offers. You can initiate inter-bank transactions of up to \(\u20B9\)5 lacs daily, which is a generous limit that caters to most of your financial needs. For those times when speed is of the essence, the Fast Payment option is your ally. This feature allows for real-time fund transfers, perfect for quick merchant payments or urgent money transfers to family and friends.

The convenience of IMPS extends to its availability for any purpose, from online shopping to bill payments, ensuring that your financial activities are never hindered by time constraints.

Here’s a quick rundown of the charges and process:

  • Minimal Charges: A nominal fee starting from \(\u20B9\)5, varying with the transaction amount.
  • Secure Option: With robust encryption and authentication protocols, your transactions are protected.
  • Streamlined Solution: Only the beneficiary’s mobile number and MMID are needed to execute transfers.

Remember, the actual transaction limit may depend on your bank’s policies and the type of card you use. Always check with your bank to understand the specific limits applicable to your account.

Security Measures for IMPS Transactions

When you opt for IMPS through Reijiro, you’re choosing a service that prioritizes your security. IMPS employs robust encryption technology, ensuring that your sensitive financial information remains protected during each transaction. This encryption serves as a shield against potential cyber threats, safeguarding your funds and personal details.

Moreover, the authentication protocols in place require verification at multiple stages, which significantly reduces the risk of unauthorized access. Here’s a quick rundown of the security features you can expect:

  • End-to-end encryption of transaction data
  • Multi-factor authentication for transaction approval
  • Real-time fraud monitoring systems

Remember, while IMPS is designed to be secure, it’s also crucial for you to protect your own banking credentials. Avoid sharing sensitive information like PINs or passwords, and always ensure you’re transacting through official channels or verified apps.

For any concerns regarding the security of your IMPS transactions with Reijiro, don’t hesitate to reach out to our customer support. We’re here to assist you in making your financial transfers not just fast, but also safe.


In conclusion, understanding the time frame for FIBE money transfers is essential for efficient and timely transactions. With the availability of IMPS, users can enjoy secure and quick fund transfers outside of banking hours. The nominal charges and simplified process make it a convenient option for various purposes such as online shopping, bill payments, and sending money to family and friends. Utilizing the FIBE APP for personal loans also provides a hassle-free experience with quick disbursement and low interest rates. Overall, staying informed about these services can enhance financial transactions and meet immediate funding needs.

Understanding the Time Frame for FIBE Money Transfers

What is the availability of IMPS for 24/7 transfers?

IMPS is available 24/7 for transfers outside of banking hours and even on bank holidays.

What is the transaction limit for IMPS and fast payment options?

You can initiate inter-bank transactions of up to ₹5 lacs daily and choose fast payment for real-time fund transfers.

What security measures are in place for IMPS transactions?

IMPS transactions are secure with encryption, authentication protocols, and minimal charges per transaction.

How can I transfer money through IMPS?

You can transfer money through IMPS by using the simplified fund-transfer process, even without the receiver’s bank details.

Can I apply for an Online Personal Loan through FIBE?

Yes, you can apply for an Online Personal Loan of up to ₹5 lakhs with minimal paperwork and affordable interest rates.

What are the key features of IMPS that I should know?

Key features of IMPS include 24/7 availability, transaction limits, fast payments, security options, and versatile usage for various purposes.